Friday, November 13, 2009



I saw at Wal-mart yesterday that UP! is now available on DVD. It will be the first of the Pixars that I didn't buy. Though Nemo was close. And Cars disappointed on the small screen- not really a great story, but the scenery on the big screen was breathtaking!

Last night, however, much to my delight, I figured out how to make UP! into a decent movie!!! There is about a ten minute bit in the beginning showing Carl's whole history with his wife? Just remove it. Totally. Will improve the movie quantitatively! Maybe stick it in somewhere else, but maybe not... That part is great in and of itself, but it is totally counter-productive there. In fact, it is a much better movie than the rest of the movie! Totally different pacing and feel and after it, the rest of the movie is slow and dull and irrelevant.

Of course, this still can't help the unbelievably pathetic scenic visuals that have no excuse after what was done in Cars.

But I am excited enough about this that I might go buy a copy afterall. To do my own edit.



I found up to be the saddest movie ever - just eeking past Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Were it not for the whole beginning, you wouldn't have felt what you felt for Carl and his situation.

My husband thinks this is by far the best movie of the year. I can't get past the first few minutes without crying, so after seeing it in the theatre, I just can't watch it past the beginning :-(

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Anna! I have very good news for you! See next entry above!
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