Saturday, November 14, 2009

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It works!

Many have commented, in tones varying from polite disagreement to total outrage to childish insults, that the first ten minutes of UP are untouchable and make the movie and that it left them in tears and is all they remember of the movie and such.

In general, my idea went over like a lead balloon...

But the comments actually make my point.

First, it is not the ten minutes, it is actually Chapter 3, "Married Life", about 4:20 in duration, starting at 7 minutes in.

The material before that chapter is quite sufficient to set up the movie, and with Chapter 3 eliminated, what follows is vastly more interesting. And funny. And the storyline flows quite easily from the end of 2 to the start of 4.

Second, I probably worded things a bit unclearly while trying to make my point, so let me state that it always was my intent to move, rather than remove Chapter 3.

And there is a perfect place to do it! This puts it at a much more workable point in the story for a segment of such power, so that it adds to the continuity rather than completely stops it and overwhelms everything after it.

If you don't want to actually make an edited copy, which can be a pain in the butt without an a lot of computer power, you can 'fake' it using the controls on your DVD player.

When the movie gets to the end of Chapter 2, where Carl as a child with an adventure-broken arm in a cast, looks out his bedroom window at the disappearing Ellie: as soon as he delivers his line, "Wow," hit next: that should take you to Chapter 4.

Continue to enjoy the movie.

At the point where Carl has landed the house at Paradise Falls, having broken Russell's heart, and goes into the house, as soon as he is firmly seated in his chair, use the prev button repeatedly to return to Chapter 3: at the end of 3, when Carl walks back into his house, alone, with balloon, return to the Paradise Falls house scene at the point you left.

The time marker for the exact new location of Chapter three is 1:11:03.5

Try it.



LOL - well that does change the whole tone of the movie. I have a hard trouble getting past the father/son situation as well - all the way through to where the dad doesn't show up at the award ceremony. I lived in hope through the whole movie that the dad would turn up :-( I think I'll just watch something a bit happier - like Old Yeller :-)
LOL! Old Yeller was one of my earliest movies- My brother loved it- I thought it was just horrible!!! They killed the dog! And made the kid do it??? Ayeeeee!
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