Sunday, October 26, 2008


Great news!!! Last Sunday, I located a small pine tree, one just beginning, and in a bold daring move, I dug it up, (not quite good enough and did cut the roots, but had enough left that I had hope...) and then planted it in a spot where I wanted it, and set the hose to trickle it continuously. Well, this morning I looked closely, as its previously existing needles were drooping and I saw that there was new growth, new needles coming in!!! It's taking!!! Very exciting! I am very pleased!

And I have located three more baby trees, even younger than the one I moved, and now I dare to move those, and know more about how far out from the visible part I have to plunge the shovel!

I used to have several thick beautiful pines at the front edge of my un-cleared land and they all died and dropped in the big flood of several years ago, so I now have a chance to bring some of these beautiful trees back up to this side of the "wild lands"!



I think with many species, the roots extend out from the trunk at least as many feet as the tree is tall.

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