Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Just a quick note on two movies I recently saw.

The first, Wall-E.

Easy- wonderful!

A friend suggested that the name might actually be Walter E, and given Lassetter's great admiration for Walt Disney, that is a distinct possibility.

This is more an experience movie than a story movie- like 2001, The Right Stuff, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly- just sit back and be there.

It is wonderful. In fact, for a few days after, I was thinking I am not going to the movies anymore, cause after this, anything else would only disappoint.

But I did return- yesterday, to see the new Batman flick, The Dark Knight. And again, great movie! They have really taken this very old story and imbued it with a whole new life. The depth of characterization is likened to that of great literature. And the character of the joker is so incredibly realized and portrayed that it even surpasses the magnificent job now being done with Batman/Bruce Wayne himself. They have done to this franchise what last year's Casino Royale did to Bond- created it anew and better than ever. But it is long! Very long! Virtually two or maybe even three movies in one. Given the depth and all there is to take in, maybe just too much. But magnificent performances by all, and the "sets"- well, fantastic! None of that oh so phony look of the earlier Batmans'. I mean, this one just might be real...


I am looking forward to seeing Wall-e but it doesn't come out here till the 16th of aug.
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