Monday, March 17, 2008


In today's world, easier than ever, with compact digitals, and free shooting... I used to carry a Kodak Pocket 40- and shot a lot! Then I got a fancy SLR, and it became a pain, and too big to carry all the time...

Recently, I bought a litttle Sanyo on sale for 70 bucks at Wal-mart mainly due to its size, but also hoping to cash in on a lower shutter lag and higher rez than my Olympus Ultra Zoom- 10X optical! But the shutter lag is still there, and its pictures though twice the rez of the Olympus are half the quality... still, it is right there in my pocket all the time.

And that is good. Went over to Wal-mart this afternoon for some stuff, and as I was scooting into the store on my ECV, I noticed a rather unique vehicle in one of the handicapped spots. Bamm! Camera ready! Got the shot! I did wonder though if the handicapped placard in the windscreen was for the driver or the car...



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