Monday, July 23, 2007

a movie review

I had not intended to see this movie: never had Transformers, had little interest in it.

But then I heard from several people that it was really good. And they were adults.

This is nothing like one might expect. In fact, I think the title actually hurts it. This is not a kid's toy movie: this is a war movie; something like a cross between Toy Soldiers and Independence Day. A good ol' aliens threatening the planet sci-fi war movie. And very well done.
Every aspect is good, and some quite good- and the special effects are very good- in fact, there is only one scene in the movie where a person "looking at" the non-existent later to be dubbed in Autobot is not looking at the right spot. Otherwise, you would assume- and wonder how- these big fellas were on the set. In the end, they become... well, let's say GM got its money's worth.

And there are some laugh out loud moments, too!
However, as a kid, I think I would be disappointed in the the transformations: they were too quick to see what was happening and that was always the neat thing about transformers, seeing just how that fender became the upper arm or whatever; and clearly here, that isn't happening- just a bunch of abracadabra and now the truck is a giant bot.

Great on the Big Screen, but I think it will hold up on the home screen too- it is a good movie even beyond the special effects. In fact, the only real defect is the name...

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