Saturday, April 14, 2007

Got a parcel in the mail- one of those ones with Royal Post stamped on it! I like those! Old Anglophile, and given Wendy of the UK is the only person I know who mails me stuff from the UK...
I pulled the bubble-wrapped package (good move) out of the envelope and looked in it, and I am thinking huh? What are these long cloth straps- this looks girly or something, and then I pull it out and I am trying to figure out what is this and I see "JUD" and I am like, "huh?" LOL! And then I see these long cloth straps which are in fact one long strap on a bag... Okay- that's cool... A bag- Very cool! This is cool! What a nice bag! Nice drawstring- good long strap- my name- very cool! I gotta get a picture of this! Hey... Something in it...
Oh! Let's pull out the contents- okay here it comes... oh wow! Look at this! This is awesome! A rain Poncho with my old plastic shopping bags on it! Oh! What's that- oh- one of the snaps has fastened- okay- opens easily- Hey! Snaps! Good snaps! Good! Let's pull this on... hehehehee... I gotta go to the bathroom and look in the mirror- oh cool! Big hood! I am Obi Wan!
Twist left, bring arm around and show the back left side-
twist right, right back side- very cool!
Gotta hang this up and take a look at it- hang it over the line in the kitchen- oh, look! Seamed at the shoulders! Cool! Hang it up nice and even, line up the seams- check out the back side- yep- that is my Halloween bag- and there is a castle- over here, another one- Hey! That’s Tokyo’s castle! And Paris! Yep- got 'em all! Let's move around to the other side... okay! Good! Ya, this is good. There's Pooh and Tigger... MGM Earsful Tower... check the lining- Lilo & Stitch- good... Very cool... when is it going to rain? Can I actually wear this? Hmmm...

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Oh Jud! That is too cool! I love it! I want one. I am going to have to save bags and ask Wendy how she did that :)

Missy in MN
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