Sunday, February 04, 2007

SuperBowl 41

A most entertaining presentation. Two very good teams, faced with unfavorable weather conditions that made the field and the ball slippery. For much of it, it was a sloppy game: at times it more resembled a childs' game of keep-away than the two best teams in the NFL. Abilities and tactics were truely tested. Despite the Colts showing an overwhelming advantage in almost every catagory, the game itself was never entirely out of reach until the very end, and was even too close for comfort well into the fourth.

Additionally, the half time show, surprisingly, was one of the best produced of all of them. Prince was impressive! I had no idea of his talent and range. And the camera work actually did a very good job of capturing it with all its wonderful effects especially in the use of lighting to enhance the presentation.

In fact, the only real disappointment was the ads. One did crack me up, late in the game, but I forget which one it was. And the Emerald Nuts with Robert Goulet was enjoyable, but I have always enjoyed him from the time I first heard him in Camelot, to his starring role in the 60's TV spy show, BlueLight. The one that was supposed to be repulsive according to an early pundit review, I found to be one of the better ones and thought it did a good job of getting its message across- the heart health awareness one. (King Pharmaceuticals Inc)

The winner of the Chevy make-an-ad contest- having seen some of the other possibilities- I thought they went way too conservative and it is just another ad: too bad, as there were some other more original ideas presented but I guess GM's ad agency just couldn't quite make it out of the box. And speaking of American Auto makers being stuck in an old box, (see both GM and Ford ads), Toyota did a couple of ads that did make the blood pump a bit faster.

Congratulations to Tony Dungy, Peyton Manning and the rest of the Colts! A special note of recognition to running backs Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes who were continuously impressive throughout the game. I would call for them to be named co-MVP's, but haven't seen yet. (Opps! Just heard- they gave it to Peyton.)

Oh! And as a New England fan, it was a mild pleasure to see Vinatieri miss that one... that'll teach him!



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