Thursday, February 08, 2007

from:Ed Castaneda Design & Managing Director

Alex Minland a reporter for the New York Times received my e-mail to the Mayor about the Knox Martin Venus Cover-Up; he called me on Monday with some questions and to say that he is doing a story on Knox and Venus in this coming Sunday's paper in the City/Metro Section. Mr. Minland interviewed Knox Tuesday afternoon at the Art Students League of New York where Knox teaches. For the latest news about the Venus Mural saga, please remember to look in this Sunday’s N.Y. Times - City/Metro section. Maybe there’s still a chance of saving Knox’s Venus or have the City provide another wall for the artist to repaint her or for his new Whaling Mural Project. Thank you all for your support in helping to keep New York City as the Capital of Art!

Love the Knox Martin Mural!

Here is the link to John Slattery's CBS News coverage of Venus which aired on January 30th at 6pm:
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