Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dear Friends,

Knox Martin, a well known NY artist since the 50's, has a large landmark painting on the side of a building on 19th St. and 11th Ave. The painting has been up for 30 years and was freshly re-painted in 1998. It is enjoyed by the Chelsea artists and has been admired by all. Mr. Martin named it Venus, as it welcomed home the NY sailors from the sea. A 20-story building is going to be built in front of the painting. This is an insult to the artist who is of world renowned stature. [And featured in my book Pursuing Art in American Woodcarving and other entries in this blog.- Jud]

The wall painting is featured on his website.

[See my next blog entry for link to John Slatery's report on this matter on CBS News Today.]

Please step in to save this landmark, or to help stipulate a change of design to not obscure it, or even to have it on another building. Knox Martin has lived in NY the majority of his life, loves NY, and is a teacher at the Art Student's League on 57th St.

Send an e-mail to the Mayor of New York City or forward this e-mail to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg at:

Please pass this notice to your friends who support the arts.


Ed Castaneda

Design & Managing Director



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