Sunday, August 06, 2006

As I was writing the blogs below today, I had the door open- it was hot, but the humidity was low and I like hot... and then the rain came. Not as regular as it used to be, but this was a good ol' Florida torrential downpour. My van was sitting outside the door and I watched as the rain smashed down upon and over it, and the wind blew it up over its sides.

In the picture above, note the raindrop exploding on the left side hinge at the roofline. Also note that the trees only 100 feet away are noticably faded in the density of the wind driven rain.

In this picture, the effects of the wind are seen driving a wash of mist up over the side of the van and across the roof!
I love a good rain!

It looks like the rain we had Friday down here in South looked like it was coming down in sheets.
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