Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Last night we had a long drawn out fairly quiet lightning event for several hours. At one point, most of the lightning was running across from one side of the sky to the other- very interesting. After sitting on my back porch watching it for a while I decided once again to try to photograph it. Out of 143 shots (I love digital!!!), only this one single image had anything on it. I cannot hold the shutter open on my digicam and other than that, I have no idea how to shoot lightning...

In other news, a friend of mine, Binnie Betten has just had a story published on the net. [NOTE: as of August 19, 2006, the owner of that site has put it up for sale and is not maintaining it anymore, so clicking on that link will let you e-mail the author : put in subject line and she will send it to you- thanks! It is worth it!] This is a fabulous story that really captures a moment in a young girls life and reveals those great mysterious realities that make girls so different. If I were a movie producer I would buy the rights to this story but I would need a young John Travolta for the male lead...


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