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July 22, 2006- Back from the theater, waiting for the water heater to do its thing so I can take a shower to get all remnants of this nasty makeup off my face. One more show to go. Tonight’s audience was the quietest bunch of people I have ever not heard! I wish they were that quiet in the library! Tomorrow, we already have the biggest ticket sales ever (for this show) due to a small mention in the paper today- finally. It resulted in 60 additional ticket sales today! Before this, there has been no mention! Whoever had PR for this thing totally dropped the ball. Opening night/weekend wasn't even mentioned, or listed in the “what's happening” section of the local paper! Now with just this tiny mention we get 60 ticket sales the same day!

It is interesting how many people, some of whom have done this for many years, tend to react to actually doing on stage the very thing they have done off stage or in rehearsal with good results, and they go on stage, with audience, and start swallowing lines, or losing all umph! And vice versa- showing nothing in rehearsal and doing great on stage live: a strange phenomenon, live theater.

July 23 2006- Just home from the cast wrap party after the final performance this afternoon. Thanks to yesterday’s mention in the St Petersburg Times, we had a sold out +12 house! They were literally standing in the back! And reactive! Wow! They were on top of everything! And we did the best show yet, so we ended on a great note! The wrap party was great! The leading man, David E, had it at his home, a beautiful Florida ranch, full of his collection of “pop” memorabilia, including three huge old time gas pumps, lots of Coca Cola merchandise, and other stuff... and lots of good food!

July 24, 2006- I have finally received a printed version of the new version of my woodcarving book with the cover as I want it. The specs have changed so it took a few tries to get it laid out right. And this morning, I found an order for a copy in my PO box; and this afternoon, I got a call from the Campbell Folk Art School in NC ordering half a dozen B&W editions, and upon advisement, one color edition as a demo for special orders of that version (which is not available wholesale).

And, with utter surprise, my order from Lulu, which I placed last Monday, arrived today! Way early!!! And all fine! The new comic book format that I used to print my blog for a couple of non-net friends worked great and looks great! I am thrilled with those! I also got three copies of the B&W Pursuing Art In American Woodcarving for the Library of Congress- for copyright and cataloging; and the three copies of the new editions of Haltia and the Third Planet, same thing. The changes in that are minor, the movement of about 12 pages to the beginning to make it easier to get into, and addition of a couple of end notes. All look great! And finally, the printed version of the Passholder Preview report on the new Seuss ride, mainly a photo-book, which I laid out at 11 x 8 ½ and that came out great too!Meanwhile, the grass is taking over... I await word from my snowbird neighbor’s brother re his tractor which he also borrowed from him, and which he said he would bring over last week as the one I borrowed died and I am supposed to do both lawns... having trouble finding my van in the tall grass…


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