Sunday, August 06, 2006

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July 28, 2006- Got a phone call from one of my fellow thespians, “Doc Jeff”, about 6 and ended up over at his place for the evening. He lives in Old Homosassa, on a canal, and after some stir-fry veggies, which were surprisingly tasty, we took his small boat out into the river. Of course, river is a misleading term in this area, as it is more like an island-infested delta... but it was glassy calm, and a nice, though quick, spin as it was just after sunset and no running lights. After our return, we chatted and I gave him a lesson on using his puter better. I also noticed a woodcarving on one of his walls that struck me, and I shot it, and then asked him about it. It is a piece he did, unfinished, long ago, back in his college years. Looks like it was done with a carpenter’s chisel- square edged cuts: very basic, raw, interesting.

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