Saturday, June 17, 2006

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Islands of Adventure announced an Annual Passholder preview for the new ride in Seuss Landing, the High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride! The catch: it was to be from 7 to 9 AM! As in- in the morning! As in- before noon! As in- Jud isn’t up then! And is about 2 hours away!

But… like others, I have been waiting for this since IOA opened so many years ago and I first saw those mysterious girders running around the Landing and wishing I could ride that silly little car that ran about what seemed like way too big a deal to simply have a plastic car running about.

And there was the promise of a special commemorative gift, while supplies lasted.

So, as I hit the sack last night I ran through in my mind whether I really wanted to arise at 4am to be at the gate at 7 am to be one of the first to get into the park early and partake of this special event! The next thing I knew the alarm was buzzing and I was up and about, and not feeling too bad, and I was making a cuppa and packing the van and was on the road at 5. So apparently at some ppoint the decision was made.
At the gate at 6:45 with roughly 100 others when it opened and we started flowing through. The place was well packed with employees clearly not of the ride attendant type- more executive looking, and the only way to go was over to Seuss Landing. As one passed across the magic bridge into this magic land, the air was filled with bubbles, being generated by dozens of strategically placed bubble generating machines nice touch! And the streets were lined by cast members and execs and characters all being very happy and cheerful. One of the stilt giants of Seuss Landing was twisting balloons into strange headgear for the kids and a face painting kiosk offered their service free as part of the morning's celebration!
I headed past all this directly for the new attraction and throwing caution (and body) to the wind, chose to walk through the regular line at least once to see what it had to offer in the way of theming and decoration. Given that I was part of the first bunch to enter, we moved up the long winding ramp way rather quickly, so I had only the quickest passing glimpses of the large story boards that I suspect told the story behind the adventure we were about to experience, for aside from being a pretty neat ride around the tip of Seuss Landing, it also tells he story of the Sneetches, something I had no inkling of at the start of the day. But, having later learned the story, they actually made wonderful use of the ride in translating it into physical form, while still giving a nice tour of the area and the views- wonderful views!

It is now very late and I am tired so I will let the pictures tell the tale for now and maybe continue this narrative at a later date, but overall, this is a fun attraction and really ties all of Seuss Landing together very nicely! Not a reason to go to the park in and of itself, but a definite must-do if one is there.


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