Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I just got back from a spur of the moment run to the theater- saw Sleven, with Bruce Willis and a whole bunch of other big names, though the actual lead was by a nobody. Rather low key but quite satisfying. And a few really "in your face moments", but mostly a literary piece. And a love story! As for happy ending… See it (without kids!!!) I would recommend it- say 3 out of four “J’s”)

Other than that, am working on Me & Tange revisions- just redid the chapter on the Homosassa Srpings State Wildlife Park and made great improvements! Changed many of the pictures and am very happy! I had to re-do that chapter cause just after I went to press the local carving club, Nature Coast Wood Carvers, which did the "quilt" that is featured, added 12 more squares to it! So I did a re-shoot and am printing larger versions of each square this time, thus adding three pages- had to add a fouth for layout purposes so used that opportunity to use larger versions of two of my best shots. I also added a note dedicating the section to MJ, my friend from Boston, which is in fact why that chapter was put there in the first place. I didn't find out about the carvings there until later!

Of course, this, being an early chapter, means I have to re number and re PDF every page thereafter to change the page numbers! A few more chapters are being revised significantly too, with major additional material on one of the artists, and maybe a few more pieces added to . Even going to have a couple of pages on Margaritaville!

Lot of work, but I love it- when you finally get the page design (mostly picture book) just right, not only for the page you are working, but for the two pages facing, and even the flow to the next, it is so great!
One other note: Apollo in Black and White, my major piece on the Apollo 11 moon landing is now in a museum- sorta! Check out "My Little Space Museum"!
And I want to put out a thanks! to the Citrus County Chroncle for the link! It is one of the few major newspapers I have seen that tends to lean toward the positive! Nice job!

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