Thursday, March 16, 2006

About 4:45 pm yesterday, the phone rang, and I answered, expecting the usual daily auto-call or empty air, and to my complete surprise and total delight it was an old friend from Boston who had recently bought both my books and was calling to tell me how much she loved them, especially Me & Tange... Though she has no particular interest in woodcarving, she was delighted with it: "It's just such a beautiful book!", and went on to explain that she had started to just take a glance through it, and got "captivated for the next several hours with the fascinating stories." She went on to explain how a couple of her friends would just love this book and placed orders for two more copies, also informing me that she would be taking her copy everywhere with her to show to others. She did note that she had had a bit of trouble getting into Halita and the Third Planet, explaining that it was just a bit too far out for her to get into it. Having faced this problem with one other person, I told her to skip Part One and start with Part 2- about page 50- much more "down to Earth", as Haltia literally hits the road! She was thrilled with this new possibility of being able to enjoy the book. I assured her by the time she finished, she would then be so in love with Haltia, that she would want to go back and read the first part. It is always nice to hear from old friends, but this was especially delightful both in content and with her sounding so good, and her voice so happy and melodic and clear! (She is getting on in years and having some problems.) Nice spot of joy in the afternoon.

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