Saturday, March 25, 2006


The newest Jud blog is the next one down, so don't miss that, but I wanted to post the following. This is a brief little story that was sent me today and I loved it and asked for permission to post it (and got it!)

This is by Binnie Betton, owner of the MouseForLess group, among many other things. One of those other things that she occasionally indulges is writing. I have had the fun of receiving a few of her writings and have always enjoyed them. This one seemed to be especially timely as well as poetically insightful, so I bring you...

Call of the Wild

QuickBooks looms open on the computer desktop in front of me - behind it a simple, blank WORD document. I flip between the two programs with the buttons at the bottom of my screen.
Undecided, I know what must be done - what I am compelled to do.

There are only seventeen more days until I meet with the accountant. I used to punctuate that countdown with a proclamation: "There is still time to write!"

This is no longer the case. My back is against the wall. The government has its deadlines, and they must be adhered to. Again, I stare at the empty WORD document. It beckons to be filled - peppered with my words, thoughts and emotions. It's my call of the wild.

My entire life, I've done the responsible thing, the lawful thing, the moral thing. It's almost as if I've drawn an invisible box around myself - its mystical lines so potent I can never step over them. Lawlessness and chaos creep along its unseen perimeter. On occasion, I have invited the marauders inside.
I'm mystified by society's rule breakers - those who fail to make their tax filing dates.
I prick up my ears like an old housedog - listening to an evocative wild call. I think I may lunge for it - but that would be a ruse, a quick jaunt around the master's yard - a mere bit of flash.
-Binnie Betton

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