Wednesday, September 28, 2005

It rained here tonight, rained hard. Hasn't done that for quite a while. Only a few sprinkles on occasion over the last few weeks. It is typical for there to be a daily hard short rain here, so the lack has been like a piece of the day missing. It was good to hear it once again pounding on the sheet metal roof. It also gave me a chance to check out the effectiveness of the rain gutter I recently added to my back porch. Worked real fine! But not all was fine. I use satelite TV and rain, big heavy thunder and lightening storm, well, I know about five minutes before it hits cause I lose the signal. On the other hand, I know about five minutes ahead when it is going to be over... the only real problem tonight was the timing: lost the closing minutes of that new woman president show and the opening of that crazy Boston lawyer show. but did get a neat couple of flash pictures- those are not spots on the lens; they are raindrops frozen in the flash.

And just got word via e-mail and fed-ex tracking that my new camera should be here Thursday afternoon! This is an awesome camera, with a 10-X optical zoom! Oh, the possibilities! And it handles low light really well, and is ready to shoot, and re-shoot, very quickly- both problems with many other digital cameras.

Of course that means I have to be here Thursday. I was going to go back to SeaWorld Thursday to continue my efforts to work out an effective tour plan. But then, I was going to actually do that tomorrow, Wednesday, until this morning when I got a call from my contact at the Astronaut Hall of Fame and he asked me to join him in a conference call tomorrow afternoon with himself and the man in charge of the NASA art collection. So that eliminated tomorrow as a day to be away. But that's okay.

And about noon, I got a call from, where I publish my books, and I am working with them on a new product promo. He asked me to stand by for a phone call from a reporter, so that kept me off the net (I use dial-up). While waiting for that, I did some work on the photo montage I did of aerial shots of Seaworld, to work out if an actual physical view would be better than their somewhat stylized map. The phone call came, and went well- always fun being interviewed- and it will be in the Des Moines Register on Monday, which is available on-line so that saves me a drive to Iowa, though there are worse things in the world... a lot of corn there... but after carefully working over the map of SeaWorld, coloring in the paths where they were hidden behind trees, working out hidden areas from their map, studying the different areas, labeling the different attractions, it turned out there is only one place where their map misleads a bit and adds to the confusion, but overall, the place is simply laid out badly!

On the plus side, I am now much more familiar with that layout and should be able to ease the navigation a bit when I meet my next "guests" in October.


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