Friday, August 12, 2005

Time for something new!

In 1980, I had the great good fortune to fall into a set of circumstances that led to my entering a master/student relationship with one of the great artists of our time, Knox Martin. I spent hundreds of hours studying privately under Knox, whose patience was only matched by my desire to know. The most important section, artistically speaking, of my new book, Me & Tange... An Autobiography of an American Hobbyist Woodcarver, covers much of this experience in detail, including all the secrets I learned under his tutelage.

WOMAN WITH BICYCLE 6 Stories HighCorner of Houston & Macdougal Streets New York, N.Y.

One of the things for which Knox is best known are his large wall paintings that can be seen mainly in New York City, but also as the centerpiece of a three story glass wall on the Nieman Marcus building in Westchester, New York in 1981, and others, elsewhere.

Thus it was with great excitement that I opened an e-mail I just received from Knox announcing his newest project, Whaling. The impact was immediate and visceral. Commissioned by Greenpeace, the powerful work is shown in mock-up here from the maquettes as it will appear when completed. The view is from Hudson street, between Houston and Clarkson streets. Variations of the work will also be impacting viewers in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Vancouver.


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