Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I have noticed that many of you have clicked and gone over to my books site and I do appreicate that! I want to point out something that I don't think some realize. I have a lot of material there available for free download! If you click on the individual book titles, the free preview is in many cases the entire publication in "e" form; while others have the "e" version available "for purchase" at no charge. So please feel free to take advantage of this. Yes, I would love for you to all buy a print copy of Haltia and the Third Planet, or Me & Tange..., two fascinating stories, one of which actually happened, but am almost as happy to see people take advantage of the free downloads.
And for anyone who would like the complete novel, Haltia and the Third Planet in a specially formatted "e" form, drop me a note so requesting, and I will send it to you. Why? Well, I recently joined a self-publishing list and discovered that while getting in print is readily available these days, marketing, the real work of a publisher, is about three full time intensive jobs and I am not ready to take it on, at least not yet. So frankly, I am not going to get rich selling books, and it is more important to me that H3P gets read, more so than I make money from it, so decided to give the "e" version away to those who request it.
As follow up to my previous post, as anyone may know by now, the shuttle did not land that morning at KSC, nor the next, though I waited up all night watching and waiting, and I am sitting here now as the astronauts do their walk around at Edwards Air Force Base in California! (Been there!)
And as for laundry- was hired to haul some trash the other day and while there, the new home owner, deciding as many do to replace all appliances regardless of condition, let me take the almost new, very nice heavy duty brand name washer and dryer! So maybe laundry news isn't always dull.

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