Wednesday, August 31, 2005

At 12:30 today, the postal carrier pulled into my yard and honked his horn, which around here means he has something too big for your roadside box- nice of them- don’t leave that little yellow notice, but bring it to the house. This was a small package containing two copies of my book, Me & Tange…, that I had ordered last week: one to fill an order, and one for myself. Of course, as soon as I ordered the two copies, another order came in, so once again I am left without a copy for myself. But I took a moment to glance through both copies, making sure everything was printed correctly, and it just struck me how beautiful these books are! Everyone should buy a copy of this book! Even if you have just the tiniest little bit of interest in woodcarving or art, or travel, or adventure- it is simply a beautiful object, worthy of desire based purely on its own qualities! Like that lawn tractor I saw at Sears the other day- way more than I would ever need, but it was just so beautiful, I wanted it, and I think if I had had the $5000+, I might have even bought it, it was just so beautiful! Some things are like that. They are just so beautiful, you want them regardless of any other reasoning. And just flipping to any random page in Me& Tange…, this book is like that- it is just so beautiful.

At 1:30, both copies were back with the post office, on their way to their new owners.

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