Monday, August 08, 2005

8 August 2005: 12:45am- I see a few of you have bookmarked, and are checking back, which I appreciate! I have a new entry standing by- something more than "I did my laundry today," which I have seen on some blogs and wonder why... but I do want to let you who are looking that something new is coming soon, but I am waiting for another photo from the subject: trouble is, sometimes he takes months to reply, so I might go ahead with what I have in the next few days anyway- very exciting stuff and hard to delay.

Right now, I am filling time, waiting up in hopes of seeing some evidence of the passage of the shuttle Discovery as it streaks across the skies over my home at about 4am and makes its trademark double-boom, of which I have been told, but never persoanlly experienced. The track is running a bit more south of me than it used to, as they are bringing it in over the gulf rather than Texas as was previously done, but I hope to catch sight of something anyway.

Meanwhile, I think I shall do my laundry...


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